We have all been there. You see the first sign of water leakage through the roof and you think to yourself, “I will push it off until a later date.” Surf and Turf Roofing highly encourages you to repair your roof as soon as you see any damage; this gives you a better chance at being able to repair, rather than replace. 

Why Should I Get Roof Repairs Right Away?

Are you looking for a minor roof repair? Maybe some roofing tile repairs, or a gutter guard repair? Whatever the reason, you are looking into replacing some part of your room and want more information. When it comes to roofs, the longer you wait, the more damage will be done which could lead to a complete roof replacement. Surf and Turf NJ are giving you the top five reasons why you should look into getting your roof repaired right away. 

Putting off roof repairs can also lead to the following: 


With water constantly dripping from your roof into your home, that water can lead to your attic, and other rooms in your home. Leaving sitting water on wood can, over time, cause these areas to be filled with mold. This mold can not only hurt the integrity of your structure, but it can also cause health problems down the road if not addressed right away. This could also affect your insulation, causing even more issues.

Damage to Drywall

Water that is dripping down can warp your drywall which can cause stains and sagging. This is when you begin to see discoloration and structural damages. In some cases, you can have a collapse of the drywall. We have heard stories of people who are walking in an attic and they fall through the drywall. This is because there was a problem with the roof, it was not repaired, and damage to the drywall took place.

Structural Damage

You will see damage on (and not limited to) ceiling, ceiling lights, fans, rafters, and wall framing.  The problem is when you do not repair a roof that needs to be, damage to structural components of your house can be affected, causing you to have to replace them down the line. Not to mention you can see structural damage to the outside of your home as well. 

Health issues

With a damaged roof you are risking mold to build up and become a damage to your health. You can suffer from allergies to this mold, asthma, and in some cases, more extreme health issues due to black mold build up. 


All of the above examples all have one thing in common; they all cost you more money in the long run. The longer you put off repairing your roof, the more money you will have to spend in the end. Instead of just having a minor roof repair, you now will have to look at repairing drywall, removing mold, replacing structures in your home, looking at the foundation of your home, fixing damaged ceilings, and maybe even replacing some of the property in your home that it damaged. 

Protect Your Home Today

Surf & Turf Roofing recognizes the importance of roof repair. We offer a free digital roof inspection. As your guide, you can be confident that our professionals will work around your schedule, we will be on time and bring you the value that you deserve. Value beyond expectations. 

Our professionals are team players with the respect you and your home deserve. Contact Us Today to schedule your free digital roof inspection. 

Check out this recent roof repair job we did on N Laurel Street in Bridgeton, NJ!

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Repair a Roof in NJ

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